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Edelman Korea Releases EDK Trends Watch Issue No. 3
Brands to Watch Out for Gen Z and Gen X in 2020
Edelman Korea Releases EDK Trends Watch Issue No. 3
  • By Michael Herh
  • June 25, 2019, 18:03
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Edelman Korea, part of the world’s largest communications marketing agency, has announced its release of Edelman Digital Korea’s third issue of EDK Trends Watch, which covers the top 11 market, target, and technology trends that will shape 2020. The trends book has been first released at Edelman Digital Korea Showcase 2019.

The annually published trends book Edelman Digital Korea Trends Watch Issue No. 3 introduces the 11 main trends of the upcoming 2020 year to be: From Media to Content Commerce; Content that Attracts Consumers; Touching to Believe; The Media is the Message, The Message is the Media; The Fourth Media: Influencers; Rethinking the Forgotten Generation, Gen X; Understanding the Pragmatic Generation, Gen YM; Welcoming the Generation of Abundance, Gen Z; 5G: The Hyper-Connected Era ; Harmonizing with AI; and Data Usage in the Blockchain Era (Reference: Appendix).

Edelman labels 2020 as the start of the “Era of Abundance,” referring to the plethora of opportunities and choices consumers are given in today’s abundant market. Edelman also puts the spotlight on Gen X and Z as the main audience members to watch out for. The company stresses the importance of offering engrossing content in the offline sphere in addition to online to reach Gen Z – or the “Generation of Abundance,” the most digitalized and globalized consumers.

Edelman additionally warns brands to avoid focusing solely on the younger consumers and overlooking the older Gen X buyers, reminding them that it’s the rapidly rising 40-50 age group that consists of consumers with a range of diverse needs from one-person household furniture to after-work leisure activities.

“With the growing impact of digital, it’s getting increasingly difficult for brands to garner the interest of consumers,” said Christine Park, the executive vice president of Edelman Digital Korea. Edelman Digital Korea Trends Watch Issue No. 3 presents an array of solutions to help brands become better equipped for the imminent ‘Era of Abundance.’”

Edelman Digital Korea integrated digital and consumer practices in 2016 and has been actively managing the global communications of major companies such as Samsung Electronics and GS Caltex, as well as the campaigns of various corporations such as SK Telecom, Ferrari, LINE FRIENDS, Almond Board of California, HP, Sunkist, Barilla, and Samsung LSI.