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SK C&C Helps Manufacturing Firms Improve Productivity through Big Data and AI
A Digital Transformation Platform for Manufacturing Firms
SK C&C Helps Manufacturing Firms Improve Productivity through Big Data and AI
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • June 14, 2019, 09:16
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SK C&C's new products help manufacturing firms improve productivity through artificial intelligence and big data.

While the government is planning various policies to revitalize manufacturing industries, SK C&C has come up with a digital transformation platform based on artificial intelligence, cloud, and big data to help manufacturing companies improve productivity.

SK C&C released early this year eight "Accuinsight+ public data analysis services" that set up a big data model to accurately identify the insights of industrial sites. The most important feature of this service is that users can use machine learning and deep learning according to their needs and the amount of data collected without any knowledge in coding. In addition, it allows users easily search a large amount of data, and it can be widely used for defect identification, price prediction of various transactions, and recommendation of customized product.

In addition, SK C&C provides Cloud Z Edge, a package for building cloud systems, for companies that want an independent cloud for security reasons. This product provides a complete security environment through virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). VDI allows all systems and information in the enterprise to be managed in the corporate internal cloud environment, allowing users to access the system through cloud wherever there is an Internet connection, while blocking the risk of external information leakage.

In addition, SK C&C contributed to the improvement of manufacturing quality control by utilizing artificial intelligence technology AIDEN. Artificial intelligence that accurately recognizes faces and objects like human eyes can identify defective parts from the initial stage of manufacturing.

In addition, SK C&C built the industry’s first “manufacturing concept verification center” to allow users without any special information communication technology or capability to utilize various SK C&C technologies to directly perform and verify the optimal digital conversion.