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Korea’s Mobile Shoppers Use Coupang App Most Frequently
Coupang Users Increase 52% on Year
Korea’s Mobile Shoppers Use Coupang App Most Frequently
  • By Choi Moon-hee
  • May 29, 2019, 13:37
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Coupang, an e-commerce platform in Korea, is the most frequently used shopping application among Korean Android smartphone users, according to a survey by WiseApp, an app and retail analysis company.

In WiseApp’s survey of Korean Android phone users’ usage of shopping apps in April, Coupang came in first with 10.66 million users, followed by 11st Street with 6.21 million users, WeMakePrice with 5.28 million users and G-Market with 4.25 million users.

Coupang saw its user base grow 52 percent from 7.01 million users in April last year to 10.66 million in April this year.

According to the survey, preferred shopping apps differed among age groups. The teens used Coupang, Zigzag, StyleShare, 11st Street the most in the order mentioned, while consumers in their 20s used Coupang, WeMakePrice, Zigzag and 11st Street the most in the cited order.

In particular, consumers under 30 had different preferences for shopping apps from other age groups. Their favorites were Zigzag, StyleShare, Musinsa and Idus. The most preferred shopping apps among women in their teens were Zigzag (540,000 users) and Style Share (420,000 users). Coupang followed them with 290,000 users.

Women in their 30s used Coupang, WeMakePrice, 11st Street and TicketMonster the most in the order mentioned, while women in their 40s favored Coupang, 11st Street, WeMakePrice and G-Market. Women in their 50s or above used Coupang, 11st Street, Home & Shopping and G-Market the most.

WiseApp conducted the survey on 33,000 Android smartphone users here last month.