Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Samsung Electronics Successfully Demonstrates 8K TV Satellite Broadcasting in Europe
Demonstrating 8K TV Technology in Europe
Samsung Electronics Successfully Demonstrates 8K TV Satellite Broadcasting in Europe
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • May 17, 2019, 10:32
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Samsung Electronics models introduce the 2019 edition of the company’s QLED 8K TV lineup at the Samsung Forum Europe 2019 held in Portugal in February.

Samsung Electronics has succeeded in satellite broadcasting of ultra-high-definition 8K TV for the first time in Europe.

Samsung Electronics announced on May 16 that it demonstrated satellite transmission of a 8K video to an 8K TV in Luxembourg with European satellite broadcasting company SES Astra on May 15 (local time). In the demonstration, which was held for the first time in Europe, an ultra-high-definition 8K video was transmitted to a Samsung QLED 8K TV via SES Astra's satellite network.

In particular, Samsung Electronics offered the demonstration without using additional equipment for 8K TV broadcasting. The company explained that the demonstration was meaningful because it used existing satellite broadcasting transmission equipment, a dish antenna, and a basic receiver (tuner) built in the QLED 8K TV.

Receivers in Samsung QLED TVs basically support the DVB-S2 transmission standard widely used for HD and 4K UHD TV satellite broadcasting in Europe and Korea. Samsung Electronics believes that if this method is officially adopted in the future, it will significantly slash the cost of building 8K broadcasting infrastructure.

In addition, the 8K content used in this demonstration was powered by HDR technology that naturally expands the range of brightness, making bright areas brighter and dark areas darker. The 8K content shows 50 frames per second, smoothly expressing pictures.