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Dunamu and Dunamu & Partners invests $46 Mil. into 26 Blockchain-related Startups
Investments Focused on Fostering Blockchain, Fintech Ecosystems
Dunamu and Dunamu & Partners invests $46 Mil. into 26 Blockchain-related Startups
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • May 15, 2019, 16:12
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Dunamu Inc., operator of global crypto-asset exchange Upbit, announced on May 15 that the company has invested more than 55 billion won (approximately US$46 million) since announcing a three-year plan to invest a total of 100 billion won (approximately US$84 million) into the blockchain industry in March 2018.

Primarily carried out through its investment subsidiary Dunamu & Partners, also founded in March 2018, the portfolio includes strategic investments into companies developing core blockchain technology and services, services with strong blockchain application potential, and emerging technology in blockchain-adjacent fields such as fintech and games.

Initial portfolio includes Terra, a next generation payment network based on price-stable cryptocurrency; Rainist, which manages over 87 trillion won in customers’ financial data via its Bank Salad personal financial management platform; and Dalcom Soft, best known for their global Superstar rhythm game series. Others include P2P lending platform Honest Fund, online OTA service Tide Square, blockchain-based global investment platform Finhaven, and MCN company Sandbox Network.

“Our goal is to contribute to the healthy growth of the blockchain ecosystem by actively investing in startups with world class technology and services with potential for real-life implementation,” said Ryan Lee, CEO of Dunamu and Partners. “Dunamu and Dunamu & Partners’ strategy of identifying and investing in innovative tech and finance startups, regardless of size, stage, and region, will continue in 2019.”

Dunamu & Partners also highlighted three investment micro-trends the company plans to focus on in 2019 -- Mainstream adaptation of blockchain-based services, emergence of mobile fintech services due to evolving financial regulations, and personal branding business opportunities centered around individual content creators.

In April 2018, the company also partnered with game developer Neptune to set up a 100 billion won investment fund dedicated to blockchain-based games.