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JVC Adds Korean Video Surveillance Manufacturer IDIS to Product Lineup
Korean Video Surveillance Firm Endorsed by Japan's JVC
JVC Adds Korean Video Surveillance Manufacturer IDIS to Product Lineup
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • May 15, 2019, 13:14
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Video surveillance solutions from IDIS

IDIS, the global video surveillance player based in South Korea, has inked a deal with The Japan Victor Company, or JVC, to sell IDIS-branded products through JVC in Japan. JVC chose IDIS for its extensive high-performance and technologically advanced integrated product lineups, both IP and analog-based video surveillance solutions, and its long-term partnership with SECURE, IDIS’s exclusive distributor in Japan.

This is a resounding endorsement for the quality and value of IDIS branded products, which offer unique and comprehensive security solutions, as Japanese electronics companies have a reputation for being extremely discerning in the products that they carry. It is also a major step forward for IDIS to increase its brand recognition worldwide.

IDIS’s distributor, SECURE, signed a contract with JVC earlier this year to sell IDIS’s branded Direct IP and Direct CX product series. IDIS’s Direct IP is based on internet-type connections between cameras, video recorders, and other network components to transmit high-definition video. Direct CX is based on more traditional analog coaxial cables and is the industry’s most advanced, high-definition solution using that technology. IDIS will be able to promote its superior technologies to JVC’s customers and through its sales channels to expand the company’s presence in Japan’s security market sector.

JVC is a uniquely discerning distribution channel, and its choice to include IDIS’s own branded products in its lineup is a significant endorsement of IDIS’s quality and capabilities. It is a crowning achievement and a significant recognition of the last 15 years of IDIS’s solid ODM presence in the Japanese market.

IDIS has developed a good reputation for high-quality products in the Japanese market over time through its partnership with SECURE, IDIS’ distributor. “With JVC’s extensive customer base and high technology combined with IDIS’s globally verified one-stop video surveillance solution, this contract will be a win-win on both sides for not just in the short term but also in the mid- to long-term,” said Joon Jun, president of the global business unit at IDIS.

IDIS established itself in South Korea 22 years ago by pioneering digital video recorder technology. Fifteen years after that it discarded the safety of the white boxes of ODM to forge its own brand. Today, it fulfills its mission of boldly contributing to a safer and more secure world under its own name and strives towards becoming the world’s premier global security solutions specialist.

IDIS has always maintained the entrepreneurial spirit that it started with. The company’s founder and CEO Y. D. Kim stated that he founded the company in 1997 on a commitment to innovation and next-generation market-based solutions. For a while the company built its expertise by being an ODM supplier. Its reputation behind the scenes for well-designed and quality parts contributed to its continued success, and helped fuel the company as it worked towards its ultimate goal.

Then in 2013 IDIS announced the development of its comprehensive branded solution along with the premiere of its proprietary Direct IP technology. Everything the company offered was manufactured in-house in Korea, making it the Apple of video security solutions. IDIS as a brand established itself in the Middle East in 2014 and in the Americas in 2015.

Now, after six years of building its brand, the company best differentiates itself by its comprehensive offerings of a total solution. The company emphasizes that they produce every piece of equipment that anyone needs to create a complete video surveillance solution for large and small projects, and that their products work best when in concert with each other. It is no matter if their clients want to work with IP-based technologies or closed circuit-based offerings, because the company provides all of the technologies necessary for them both. And with its 20-plus years of working in the video surveillance industry, IDIS makes sure to provide all the bells and whistles that experienced security experts look for, like failure protection, security, and privacy.

“Put simply,” says the IDIS CEO, “IDIS delivers highest-quality products and solutions with unrivaled performance and we do so with every surveillance need – and every surveillance customer – in mind.” Backed by heavy and continued investment in R&D, the company’s unique offerings see returns in credibility, customer satisfaction, and industry recognition.