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NLCS Jeju Creates New History
“First graduating class of NLCS Jeju expected to enter prominent domestic and overseas universities”
NLCS Jeju Creates New History
  • By matthew
  • February 4, 2014, 09:29
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NLCS Jeju, an international school in Jeju Global Education City, will produce its first class of graduates this year. The school has been established and run by Haewul Incorporated, a corporate body that runs international schools in Jeju, and was 100% financed by Jeju Free International City Development Center, or JDC (Chairman, Kim Han-wook). 

NLCS Jeju, the first international school to open in Jeju Global Education City in 2011, will produce a total of 56 graduates in June 2014. Among the graduates, 52 are hoping to enter overseas universities and four to enter domestic universities. 

According to JDC and Haewul Incorporated, every student from the first graduating class of the international school, which marks its 3rd year this year, are expected to enter prestigious universities in Korea and abroad, a miraculous outcome. 

As of January 2014, 47 of the 52 students hoping to enter overseas universities received early admission approval. Among the 47 students, as many as 38 students have been admitted to some of the top 100 universities in the world, including Cambridge (No. 3), University College London (No. 4), and Oxford (No. 6). Students admitted to more than one university were counted only once.*   

Universities in overseas countries, including the U.S. and the U.K., will make  regular admission announcements for successful candidates around April. The results of the college admission tests for students aiming to enter domestic universities will be determined after they go through the tests for domestic universities.  

More positive outcomes are still expected since there are students who have applied for college entrance to overseas universities’ regular admission programs and are currently waiting, as well as for those expected to go through entrance procedures for domestic universities. Therefore, all the graduates of NLCS Jeju are likely to enter top-notch universities at home and abroad this year. 

JDC and Haewul Incorporated said that if the college admission outcomes produced by NLCS Jeju are well promoted, it will help boost the image of the school and draw more applicants to the school. They added that in the long term, these outcomes will be positive for promoting Jeju Global Education City.

List of Universities from which NLCS Jeju Graduates-to-be Received Approval
Rank University Name # Admitted
1 University of Cambridge (Engineering) 3
2 University of Cambridge (English)
3 University College London (Psychology) 8
4 University College London (Medicine)
5 University of Oxford (Physics) 6
6 University of Edinburgh (Geography) 17
7 University of Edinburgh (Geography)
8 University of Edinburgh (Engineering, MA)
8 King's College London (Geography) 19
10 King's College London (Neuroscience)
11 King's College London (Theology)
12 King's College London (Geography)
13 University of Hong Kong (Law) 26
14 Northwestern University 29
15 University of Manchester (Art History) 33
16 University of Manchester (Business Studies and Economics)
17 University of Manchester (Economics)
18 University of Manchester (Chemical Engineering)
19 University of Manchester (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
20 University of Manchester (Chemical Engineering)
21 University of Manchester (Mathematics)
22 University of Manchester (Aerospace Engineering)
23 University of Manchester (Biomedical Science)
24 University of Manchester (Business Management)
25 University of Manchester (Mechatronic Engineering)
26 New York University 44
27 New York University
28 University of Birmingham (International Relations) 62
29 University of Birmingham (Physics with Particle Physics)
30 London School of Economics (Law) 68
31 London School of Economics (Sociology)
32 University of Sheffield (International Relations) 71
33 University of Nottingham (Architecture) 75
34 University of Southampton (Sociology and Anthropology) 86
35 Durham University (Sociology and Anthropology) 90
36 Durham University (Geography)
37 University of Leeds (New Media) 97
38 University of Leeds (Physics)
39 Royal Holloway (Computer Science) 102
40 University of Exeter (Mechanical Engineering) 168
41 Case Western Reserve University 175
42 University of Bath (Economics) 187
43 University of Sussex (Marketing) 193
44 School of the Art Institute of Chicago No. 2 in Fine Arts
45 University of Arts London No. 48 in U.K.
46 Goldsmiths University of London No. 50 in U.K.
47 University of Reading No. 32 in U.K.

* Source of university rankings: Top 200 QS World University Rankings 2013 (The Guardian)