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FCA Korea Files Suit against Environment Ministry over a Recall Order
Reaction to 500% Penalty
FCA Korea Files Suit against Environment Ministry over a Recall Order
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • April 19, 2019, 11:01
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The Ministry of Environment has determined that FCA Korea manipulated emissions data concerning the Jeep Renegade.

FCA Korea filed an administrative lawsuit against the Ministry of Environment to have its recall order issued last year revoked. The ministry determined in December last year that FCA Korea manipulated emissions data and told it to recall 2,428 Renegades and 500Xs with 2,000 cc diesel engines.

The ministry has found that the vehicles comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard, 0.08 g per km, in indoor tests but their exhaust gas emissions amount to 630 percent to 850 percent of the limit on actual driving conditions.

FCA Korea was supposed to submit a recall plan within 45 days from the order. The company filed the lawsuit instead. According to the current law, an automaker can file a suit within 90 days from a recall order. The administrative lawsuit is likely to take eight months or so.

Experts point out that the suit is to stall for time. The German Ministry of Transportation raised suspicions about emissions data manipulation regarding the Fiat 500X back in May 2015 and the Italian government retorted in 2016. Then, Germany called upon the European Union to conduct a reinvestigation in September 2016 and the reinvestigation is currently underway.

FCA Korea admitted the manipulation and explained that it is taking necessary measures by sending notices to customers. “A 500 percent penalty, instead of 150 percent, has been imposed on us and the suit is for a rational explanation concerning the penalty,” it mentioned.