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UNIST to Design Exterior of Hyundai Motor’s Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous Vehicles for the I Generation
UNIST to Design Exterior of Hyundai Motor’s Autonomous Vehicles
  • By Michael Herh
  • April 10, 2019, 11:45
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UNIST researchers who will design autonomous vehicles for the i generation.

A UNIST research team has been selected to lead the exterior styling of Hyundai Motor's autonomous vehicles.

UNIST said on April 9 that its research team led by professor Jung Yeon-woo of the design and human engineering school has been selected by Hyundai Motor Group for the industry-academia cooperation project. The theme is the appearance styling of autonomous cars for the i-generation, and the project goes on for seven months starting in April. This is a design project for autonomous vehicles for future generations and is the only one o fHyundai Motor Group’s industry-academia cooperation projects that involves exterior design styling.

According to UNIST, the i generation refers to future generations born between 1995 and 2012, who are familiar with smartphones and social media. The research team plans to design a car exterior that reflects the lifestyle and consumption culture of this generation. The team will collect and analyze hash tags mainly used in social media and design while looking at autonomous driving concepts matching key words that reflect these generations.

Hyundai’s industry-academia cooperation selects one school per theme, and UNIST, instead of an art college, has been selected for exterior design. In fact, the research team was awarded in German iF Design Award 2019 for a new concept vehicle called the ChaiseClaire. The ChaseClaire is a new type of vehicle that revolutionized wheelchairs that are heavy and difficult to push. The team used graphene and high elasticity mesh material for the ChaseClaire to reduce weight, and it is equipped with an in-wheel motor, which supports drive with electrical power to make it convenient for users.