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HealthCoin Donates 10 Mil. Won to World Vision for Water Sanitation in India
Donation for Clean Water Project in India
HealthCoin Donates 10 Mil. Won to World Vision for Water Sanitation in India
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • March 28, 2019, 17:54
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Lee Joo-kyung, CEO of Question Corp., and Jeon Young-soon, head of World Vision, pose for a photo after signing an agreement.

Question Corp., the operator of the blockchain mobile platform HealthCoin, has donated 10 million won to World Vision for a water sanitation project in India.

A donation ceremony was held at the World Vision headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul on March 28 with the attendance of Lee Joo-kyung, CEO of Question Corp., Sunshine Park, COO of Question Corp., Jeon Young-soon, head of World Vision, and Choi Seong-Ho, chief of World Vision’s Gyeonggi Province chapter.

The two sides also concluded an agreement to work together to promote a donation culture in Korea.

Question Corp. donated the money to improve water sanitation in India and to realize its corporate value and responsibility. The donated money will be used to install water sanitation facilities and improve accessibility to clean water in Bilaspur, a city in India.

World Vision appoints those who donate more than 10 million as members of the "Vision Society." Question Corp. has become a member of the society.

Jeon said, “Through this agreement, both parties will continue support for changes for a better world.” She expressed great appreciation for those companies that strive to make changes.

Question Corp. CEO Lee said, “We want to provide accommodation and clean water to children who have to walk more than 10 miles to get water. From now on, we will continue our support by holding a campaign to walk 6 km for those children.”

“Through this opportunity, we ask people to participate in our blockchain-based global medical treatment platform. We believe this would become a great chance for our company to take HealthCoin to the global market”.

HealthCoin is now a beta service application. It can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple app store. The HCN is given as a compensation for each step you make every day. As the official service begins, HCN can be used for transfer to dollars, donation and free insurance. The company says HealthCoin is the only blockchain service which can provide realistic benefit for medical protection, water provision, donation for children who need help in the world.