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SK Telecom Ready to Provide Advanced 5G Services
Core Tests for Galaxy S10 5G Completed
SK Telecom Ready to Provide Advanced 5G Services
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • March 26, 2019, 10:43
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SK Telecom announced on March 25 that it has completed core tests for mass production of the Galaxy S10 5G. 

Over the past two months, SK Telecom tested a wide range of items, including 5G network-smart phone interworking tests, interface verification and frequency compatibility, at the 5G device test lab in its Bundang Building and in commercial fields. The mobile carrier also carried out scenario-based tests by creating more than 100 virtual environments using special equipment at the lab.

A smartphone can be released only after passing performance tests at a 5G device test lab and on a commercial network. This is why the process is called the final step to commercialization. The completion of the core test will pave the way for the world's first 5G smartphone to be officially launched.

In the next step, SK Telecom will conduct inspections of mass-produced products this week. Through the inspections, the company will prepare the launch of the first 5G smartphone without any problem. Moreover, SK Telecom is ready for the launch of the Galaxy S10 5G with additional 5G technologies such as three-stage combination technology that elevates speed and 5G media compression technology to reduce data consumption.

On top of that, SK Telecom has built 5G Biz Platform in a server to support the early launches of 5G services and specialized products. 5G Biz Platform is designed to make it easy to develop tailor-made 5G products and services for customer groups, time, location and conditions.

SK Telecom will preemptively upgrade Tango, an artificial intelligence network of its own development in line with the 5G era and commercialize it in 5G base stations and switching centers for 5G smartphones. Tango analyzes big data generated from base stations nationwide and solves problems by optimizing communication quality such as antenna direction and coverage in real time and predicting the factors of quality change such as a traffic surge. Tango 5G has advanced machine learning and big data analysis technology to meet 5G networks that require two or three times more base stations than LTE networks. This technology enables SK Telecom to provide high-quality network services to customers from the time of the commercialization of the first 5G smartphone.