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Samsung BioLogics to Develop Eutilex’s Cancer Immunotherapies
Clinching A CDO contract
Samsung BioLogics to Develop Eutilex’s Cancer Immunotherapies
  • By Choi Moon-hee
  • March 21, 2019, 12:43
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Kim Tae-han (left), CEO of Samsung BioLogics, and Kwon Byung-sae, CEO of Eutilex, pose for a picture after signing a CDO contract on March 20

Samsung BioLogics announced on March 20 that it has concluded a contract development organization (CDO) contract with Eutilex, a Korean biotech company, to develop cancer immunotherapies.

The two companies expect to accelerate the development of new drugs through synergy between Samsung BioLogics' global CDO technology and Eutilex’s competitive candidate materials.

Under this agreement, Samsung BioLogics will provide CDO service from development of cell lines for up to 15 anticancer treatment candidate materials under development by Eutilex to production of clinical phase 1 materials for the next five years.

Eutilexis a biotechnology company founded by CEO Kwon Byung-sae, a world-renowned immunology scholar, in 2015 for development of cancer immunotherapies and was listed on the KOSDAQ in December last year. The company has pipelines across the spectrum of anti-cancer drugs ranging from antibody therapeutics to T cell therapeutics and CAR-T cell therapeutics, and has been conducting non-clinical and clinical studies to early commercialize a number of candidate materials and technologies. In particular, Eutilex has new drug pipelines for globally competitive antibody therapeutics based on a knowledge-based antibody platform.

The CDO business includes the development of production processes to develop and mass-produce cell lines and the production of clinical materials for Phase I clinical trials in order to enable efficient production of drug candidates under development by the customer. In particular, with an increase of biopharmaceutical development andgrowing number of small and medium-sized biotech companies that outsource development and production to CDMO, the CDO market hasbeen growing more than 15 percent a year.