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Samsung SDS Connects Different Blockchain Platforms with 'Deliver' Platform
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Samsung SDS Connects Different Blockchain Platforms with 'Deliver' Platform
  • By Michael Herh
  • March 15, 2019, 09:57
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Han Seung-yeop, a manager of Samsung SDS, introduces “Deliver” at the Cello Conference 2019 held at Samsung SDS Building, Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province on March 14.

Samsung SDS has unveiled a platform that connects Ethereum, a leading open blockchain platform, and Hyperledger Fabric, a representative closed (private) blockchain platform.

The company introduced the “Deliver” platform, the first of its kind, at Cello Conference 2019, which was an event for logistics companies, at its Pangyo building in Gyeonggi Province on March 14.

Deliver is a platform jointly developed with the Port of Rotterdam Authority and ABN AMRO Bank. The platform connects blockchain platforms of different kinds. It supports document notarization, double payment prevention, and asset transfer functions by connecting different platforms. Deliver allows users to run apps not only for Ethereum but for Hyperledger.

Samsung SDS also provided a vision for supporting apps developed with various blockchain platforms, such as EOS, through technology development in the future.

"The Customs Clearance Blockchain System at the Korea Customs Service is based on Hyperledger Fabric, while Rotterdam Port in the Netherlands is using the Etherium Platform," said Han Seung-yeop, a manager at Samsung SDS. “We started the Deliver project to connect different platforms."

Samsung SDS is actually utilizing the Deliver platform. It has succeeded in delivering information on containers which left Korea for the Netherlands to the Port of Rotterdam through the Deliver platform. The company is planning to advance the use of the platform by implementing similar projects with other European countries.

Currently, the Deliver platform is used for export clearance only but its application is expected to expand to various fields in the future. ABN AMRO Bank, which co-developed the platform, is also planning to use it in financial services.

"We will be able to connect other platforms such as EOS as well as the Ethereum platform through Deliver," Han said. “Deliver will be the starting point of a trust society based on super-connected chains where different blockchains are interconnected on the Delivery platform."