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Samsung Electronics, Apple Expected to Collide Head-on in Wireless Earphone Market
Galaxy Buzz vs. AirPods 2
Samsung Electronics, Apple Expected to Collide Head-on in Wireless Earphone Market
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • March 6, 2019, 11:26
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Samsung Electronics and Apple are expected to collide head on in the cordless earphone market.

A fierce battle is likely to start in the market for cordless earphones in the first half of this year. In particular, Samsung Electronics and Apple, the two top players in the smartphone industry, are expected to collide head on in this segment.

Samsung Electronics launched the Galaxy S10 with a cordless earphone named “Galaxy Buzz” last month, and Apple will release “AirPods 2,” the second generation of the “AirPods” on March 29.

Samsung Electronics is aiming to create synergies by launching the Galaxy Buzz at the same time as the Galaxy S10. The Galaxy Buzz is loaded with sound technology from AKG, the premium audio brand of Harman, and can run for up to six hours for listening music and up to five hours for calling on one single charge.

Major foreign news outlets expect Apple to release the second generation of the AirPods at the end of March. AirPods 2 would officially go on sale on March 29, Macworld said. the new earphone is expected to retail at about US$200 (about 220,000 won), about 20 percent higher than the Airpods’ price of US$159.

As smartphone makers release second generation products of their cord-free earphones, competition for advanced functions will further intensify. Some experts forecast that they will have enhanced charging performance and they will be loaded with some of AI ​​assistant and smart healthcare functions.

Beginning in 2016, Apple promoted sales of the AirPods by removed an earphone jack from the iPhone 7. Apple emphasized that the AirPods was automatically linked with the iPhone and automatically charged when put in its exclusive case.

Samsung Electronics has put a wireless charging function front and center. You can charge the cordless earphone by placing it on a wireless charger. It is compatible with the Galaxy S10 with a reverse wireless charging function. So, without a charging cable, you can charge the Galaxy Buzz by placing it on the back of the Galaxy S10.

AirPods 2 is also expected to come out with advanced new features. "The developer version of iOS 12.2, Apple's mobile operating system includes the ability to set up AI assistant Siri with the AirPods," Forbes said. "This means that AirPods 2 can distinguish its user's voice from others’ voices." Some media companies are mentioning the possibility of Apple adding a heart-rate sensor to AirPods 2.