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Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix Led Global Semiconductor Industry Last Year
Global DRAM Market Forecast to Dwindle 17.5% in 2019
Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix Led Global Semiconductor Industry Last Year
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • March 5, 2019, 09:04
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Samsung Electronics and SK Hynic jointly accounted for 73.4 percent of the DRAM market and 45.6 percent of the NAND flash market in 2018.

Market research firm DRAMeXchange reported on March 4 that the global DRAM market reached an all-time high of US$99,655 million in sales last year with a year-on-year growth of 39 percent.

Samsung Electronics accounted for 43.9 percent of the market with US$43,747 million. It was followed by SK Hynix (US$29,409 million, 29.5 percent). The market share of SK Hynix rose to 31.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018. Micron Technology posted a market share of 23.5 percent in that quarter to come in third. Samsung Electronics’ market share was 41.3 percent in that period, 4.7 percentage points lower than a year ago.

In the NAND flash market, Samsung Electronics reached US$22,109 million in sales to represent 35 percent of the market. It was followed by Toshiba (19.2 percent), Western Digital (14.9 percent), Micron Technology (12.9 percent) and SK Hynix (10.6 percent). The combined market share of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix edged down from 47.2 percent in 2017 to 45.6 percent in 2018.

The market research firm estimated this year’s global DRAM sales at US$82,247 million, down 17.5 percent year on year. It predicted that the market shares of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix would rise to 44.9 percent and 29.6 percent, respectively.