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Korean Teens Become Global Citizens by Developing an App
PIN2AID Creates Website to Help NGOs
Korean Teens Become Global Citizens by Developing an App
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • February 21, 2019, 17:09
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The members of PIN2AID club 

PIN2AID is a student committee that helps global communities share useful information for sustainable development. Kim Yoo-jung founded this club with five members from Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul. They created a website and a mobile application to promote the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The club members thought that people could easily find any organizations that need help if they are shown on a map. They participated in several club fairs to share this idea, including the Youth Club Fair (YCF), which is held by the Incheon Global Campus, a foundation funded by Incheon City, and “WARMINGKOREA,” an NGO with a youth network that participates in solving social problems in various ways, such as exhibitions and fundraising.

"We are creating a website to promote various NGOs that are committed to the U.N.'s SDGs. In fact, the SDGs are not widely known to the public. So, I'm here today to promote the goals through exhibition games, to inform people of the goals, and to visit our website when it opens," said Yoo-jung at the Youth Club Fair in January 2019.

In the fair, they shared their future plans to develop a website showing many NGOs that work for the goals of the United Nations on a map. Since people are not familiar with the U.N.’s goals, it is designed to provide them with practical insight into world development and innovation.

Their fresh idea won recognition from the judges of the YCG and the student press. The club received an award at the fair. Working with Web Storm, a website developer, PIN2AID had the opportunity to turn their ideas of a website into reality.

In the website, NGOs are shown with a “‘PIN” on a map, which people can click on. When the pin is clicked, the website provides contact information for people to give “AID”’ to the organizations.

This program helps people get an opportunity to manually aid the organizations that they have an interest in. People can make stronger connections with the organizations through their direct aid and familiarize the idea of world development. It also provides publicity to less known organizations.

Based on their creativity and insight, PIN2AID also won the grand prize at the Youth Engineering Idea Competition held by the Korea Economic Development Cooperative (KEDCO), which is sponsored by a Korean lawmaker, Rep. Lee Hoon on the Trade, Industry, Energy, SMES and Startup Committee of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea. The club donated the prize money (1,000,000 KRW) to a fundraiser.

This year, Pin2AID and Yoo-jung will extend their activities to participating in community services.