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Naver TV Adopts an Open Platform to Compete with YouTube
Encouraging Creators to Upload Videos
Naver TV Adopts an Open Platform to Compete with YouTube
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • January 25, 2019, 15:29
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Naver is transforming its own video platform Naver TV into an open platform to compete with YouTube.

Naver will transform its video platform Naver TV into an open platform like YouTube, the company announced on Jan 24.

In the new system, anyone can upload videos on Naver TV without any special requirements. Naver is also planning to establish a creator compensation system, like YouTube, to encourage more creators to join its platform.

The switch into an open platform will alleviate requirements needed for channel opening. Launched in July 2012, Naver TV had been a closed platform until recently, where only some creators with strict qualifications could open channels.

In order to open a Naver TV channel, a creator was required to have more than 300 subscribers in other platforms, such as a blog, internet cafe, or a YouTube channel, and set one’s representative video. Once a creator who met these qualifications applied to open a channel on Naver TV, the company checked the content for copyright right violation, obscenity, illegality against rating for teenagers, violence, cruelty, and hatred before it gave approval.

However, from Jan. 17 this year, Naver lowered the required number of subscribers in another platform to 100 and eliminated mandatory setting of a representative video. Starting on Feb. 21, it will completely eliminate all of the qualifications for channel opening.

Naver is planning to change the advertising policy of Naver TV in order to expand the content ahead of the swtich into an open platform. Currently, there are no restrictions on the advertisement settings, but from Feb. 21, the ad policy will change to allow channels with 300 or more subscribers and 300 or more hours of subscription time to set video ads.

Naver expects that this policy change will activate video production by current creators for profitability. In addition, Naver will announce a new compensation system next month, which is designed to attract more creators by providing step-by-step support and rewards to them.