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CES 2019 to Highlight Smart Technologies Based on 5G and AI
5G and AI Drives Technology Evolution
CES 2019 to Highlight Smart Technologies Based on 5G and AI
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • January 4, 2019, 10:15
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CES 2019 is expected to showcase new technologies that will shape our daily life in the future.

About 4,500 companies from 155 countries across the world will gather at CES 2019, the world's largest consumer technology event to take place for four days from Jan. 8 in Las Vegas of the United States, to showcase new technologies that will shape our daily life in the future.

Smart home, smart city, mobility, including autonomous driving, smart healthcare technologies, which have exponentially evolved based on 5G and advanced artificial intelligence (AI), will be unveiled at the technology exhibition this year.

The 5G telecommunications technology, which will be soon commercialized, helps AI process more information and learn more diverse situations. AI technology is forecast to evolve from artificial narrow intelligence (ANI), a level where it simply imitates human intelligence, to artificial general intelligence (AGI), which can, like human intelligence at its initial stage, generalize information and apply it to specific situations to solve problems.

The evolved AI technology will integrate with AI speakers, such as Amazon Alexa which was shown in CES 2017, and Google Assistant which drew attention in CES 2018, and present solutions in all sectors of our daily life. AI will be incorporated in speakers to control a TV screen and operate many products including soundbars. LG Electronics Inc. has pledged to present additional functions of “LG ThinQ” AI, while Samsung Electronics Co. will install “Bixby” in all products by 2020. Bosch Corp. is planning to control a microwave oven through speakers, control room temperatures with voices and show how smart AI solutions help pick clothes and mow the grass. The industry believes that the consumer electronics sector will be an explosive growing market based on smart home starting with this year’s edition of CES.

Cities will become a huge brain power with 5G-based AI. A smart city which controls energy, medical and public infrastructure with the 5G technology was the talk of the town at the CES last year. This year, it will be advanced to the level of coping with natural disasters. Based on advanced sensors and AI, smart cities will predict earthquakes, floods and typhoons in advance and suggest to purchase daily necessities and evacuate preemptively.

Wearable devices and healthcare will have become a more vital part of our everyday lives. AI speakers will analyze an individual ' s psychological state and recommend healing music and wearable robots are expected to advance the era of digital healthcare by integrating with the artificial body sector including prosthetic hands and legs and false teeth. With the trend, Samsung Electronics is forecast to release ankle brace robot “Samsung Ankle Assist V1” for the first time in the world and LG Electronics a succeeding model of ankle and lumbar muscle protector “LG CLOi SuitBot.”

Mobility which has ushered in the era of autonomous driving now talks about new future movement spaces. Kia Motors Corp. will unveil “sensitive driving” that reads the emotion of drivers, while Hyundai Mobis Co. will release the technology that allows users to touch the screen up in the air on virtual places like Iron Man. The Walt Disney Co., a global leading content firm, will present the future about contents to be consumed in the car at the era of autonomous cars.