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Blockchain Technology Meets Gaming Industry
Virtual Currencies Enhance Reliability of Games
Blockchain Technology Meets Gaming Industry
  • By Michael Herh
  • January 3, 2019, 09:21
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Korean gaming companies have begun to apply blockchain technology to their games.

Korean gaming companies are incorporating blockchain technology into their games. They have released or are preparing to release new games where blockchain technology is applied.

Hanbit Soft is carrying out an internal test with its overseas partner, Asia Soft in Thailand, to link the global version of “Audition” with the blockchain platform “Bryllite.” Audition is a rhythm action game with 700 million users worldwide.

The game offers users virtual money called “Bryllite Coin (BRC)” when they meet certain conditions, such as recording perfect scores continuously. Users can check the amount of BRCs they have earned and exchange them with friends like current game money. The in-game game item shop will sell exclusive items such as character costumes that can be bought with BRCs.

Hanbit Soft plans to launch the main net for full-fledged service of Brillite blockchain platform in the first half of this year. It plans to enable gamers to eat or use other services with the BRCs acquired in the game.

Neowiz Play Studio, a subsidiary of Neowiz, released blockchain game “Solitaire Dual on EOS” in the global market on Dec. 21 of last year. The company applied blockchain technology to “World of Solitaire,” a game that is based on the rules of “Solitaire,” one of the basic Windows games. Users pay a certain amount of EOS, a virtual currency, to participate in the game. The virtual currency is also awarded to winners.

Large companies are also accelerating their preparations to enter the blockchain-based game market. Kakao Corp., the parent company of Kakao Games, has unveiled its blockchain platform “Klaytn” through its subsidiary Ground X. Among Klaytn’s nine partners is Wemade Tree. The only game publisher, WeMade plans to service games in several genres on Klaytn, thereby expanding the game's assets to other businesses.