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Pangyo Startup Campus Runs Training Course for Global Startup Talent
Participants from Indonesia, Vietnam Attend Program
Pangyo Startup Campus Runs Training Course for Global Startup Talent
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • January 2, 2019, 18:50
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Members of the "Balo" team, which was selected as the best team in the recently ended Global Lab startup entrepreneur training program of the Pangyo Starup Campus, pose for a photo after receiving the award.

The Pangyo Starup Campus, which specializes in fostering startup entrepreneurs, announced, on Dec. 28 that it has successfully operated the latest round of its signature course "Global Lab" program for 23 young promising entrepreneurs from Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea.

This program is an Official Development Assistance (ODA) project co-hosted by Gyeonggi Province, Ajou University, and the Pangyo Startup Campus. The 16-week training program is designed to help global ICT talent and aspiring Korean entrepreneurs build startup capabilities and carry out projects to launch a global startup. The participants in the latest round, which ended on Dec. 17, included six from South Korea, 11 from Indonesia and six from Vietnam.

During the first six weeks, students from Indonesia and Vietnam took courses at Ajou University to enhance their skills in information and communications technologies (ICT). In the remaining 10 weeks, Korean, Indonesian, and Vietnamese students took lectures to enhance their startup capabilities and developed their business ideas into global startup projects.

For a period of about 10 weeks, the participants, who were grouped into three teams, carried out six projects, with professional coaches of the Pangyo Startup Campus providing assistance in diverse fields. The teams announced the final results of their efforts during the Final PT Day held on Dec. 14.

The presentation topics included “Dokpedia,” a projects designed to solve the inconvenient medical record problem in Indonesia by utilizing blockchain; “Tripppic,” an online platform service that provides unique and interesting local travel information for Southeast Asia backpackers and links them to local experience providers; and “Wrapme,” an online platform for resale of foods that are discarded in restaurants. Presentations were also made on business management software for small travel companies, a social platform for new seniors, a platform service for production of cloud-based websites offering lectures to Southeast Asians.

In particular, “Balo,” a team of Korean, Vietnamese and Indonesian students, was selected as the best team for their "Tripppic" business idea that allows people with local experience to provide diverse and fun content to backpackers in Southeast Asian countries in an independent and stable environment. The team was given 5 million won in prize money and an opportunity to move into the Oz Incubation Center of the Pangyo Startup Campus.

Meanwhile, the Pangyo Startup Campus was established with the aim of nurturing startup talent in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the shared economy and creating jobs for young people. It is a public-private cooperation project managed by Gyeonggi Province, the Gyeonggido Business and Science Accelerator and ARCON. The operator of the Pangyo Startup Campus, ARCON is a non-profit corporation that contributes to the spread of education, culture and arts and sustainable development of society.