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SK Innovation to Showcase Core Material for Flexible Display at CES 2019
‘Flexible Cover Window’
SK Innovation to Showcase Core Material for Flexible Display at CES 2019
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • December 31, 2018, 11:04
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SK Innovation will introduce a flexible cover window (FCW), a core material for flexible displays, at CES 2019.

SK Innovation Co. will showcase a key material for flexible displays, which have emerged as a next-generation portable product, at CES 2019.

The company announced on Dec. 30 that it will introduce its flexible cover window (FCW), a core material for flexible displays, at CES 2019 slated for Jan. 8  in Las Vegas in the United States. FCW is the company’s flexible plate brand for flexible displays.

SK Innovation has developed the FCW based on its polyimide (PI) film technology, which it has honed since 2006. The company also developed special hard coating technology and functional coating technology for fingerprint and contamination prevention in order to realize flexible displays which are transparent and can endure being bent tens of thousands of times.

Expectations are growing that the global demand of flexible displays, which are considered a future technology, will increase as global smartphone manufacturers have announced to release foldable smartphones. Global market research firm SA predicted that the projected global sales of foldable phones, the main market for flexible displays, will grow to 50.1 million units in 2022. Flexible displays will be used not only in smartphone and laptop but in television, car and virtual reality with a diverse range of applications.