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LG Electronics to Take Wraps off Rollable TV at CES in 2019
65-inch Rollable TV Coming Out
LG Electronics to Take Wraps off Rollable TV at CES in 2019
  • By Michael Herh
  • December 19, 2018, 10:56
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LG Electronics has wrapped up the development of a 65-inch Rolleble TV and decided to exhibit it at the CES 2019 early next year.

LG Electronics will kick off the global sales of a 65-inch rollable TV in the first half of next year after taking the wraps off the new TV model at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to be held in Las Vegas in January of next year.

Early this year, LG Display unveiled a rollable TV panel but it was not a TV. So this will mark the first time that a rollable TV will be showcased to the public.

According to the TV industry on Dec. 18, LG Electronics has wrapped up the development of a 65-inch rolleble TV. Global TV makers are all expected to highlight 'AI', '8K picture quality' and ‘ultra-large TV screens,' but LG Electronics will prove its competitive edge in TV production by unveiling a rollable TV that maximizes the merits of OLED panels.

LG Electronics' rollable TV can change its size to serve particular purposes. The TV screen can be rolled up with a console below the screen. The method is similar to adjusting the size of a beam projector screen or blind. A consumer can change the size of the TV screen for movies, dramas, games and music videos with a remote controller or a voice command. The ratio of 16 to 9 which realizes a wide TV screen can be adjusted to the ratio of 4 to 3 suitable for watching old videos taken before the popularization of wide screen TVs. When consumers do not watch TV, they can either roll up the TV screen and have it hidden in living rooms or leave small part of the screen in the outside so that it can show time and weather tickers only.

Rollable TVs are expected to change the concept of TV use. TVs have been a 'fixed platform' that occupies a space. When rollable TVs are further developed, people can use them by rolling them up, carrying them from place to place and unfolding them when they want to use them. Rollable TVs can be placed on rounded walls or attached to curved furniture. This will expand the applications of TVs regarded as one of the core devices for a new era of AI and the internet of things (IoT). "OLED TVs devoid of various components such as backlights are more than twice lighter than LCD TVs," said an official in the display industry.

LG Electronics plans to showcase an 88-inch 8K OLED TV at the CES next year as well. The 88-inch 8K OLED TV will go on sale as early as in June of next year. The company will express perfect black and cope with the large TV trend by utilizing an advantage of OLEDs which can turn on and off each pixel. Samsung Electronics started selling 8K QLED TVs first but LG Electronics claims that its TV can realize even better picture quality thanks to its different image technology.