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LG Electronics Releases ESS for Small Solar Power Plants
Small All-in-one ESS
LG Electronics Releases ESS for Small Solar Power Plants
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • December 14, 2018, 11:45
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LG Electronics’ 100 kW all-in-one ESS for solar power generation.

LG Electronics announced on Dec. 13 that it will release an energy storage system (ESS) that can increase the efficiency of the 100 kW small-scale solar power plant.

This product is easy to install because it is composed of one package that includes a power conversion device (PCS), power management system (PMS), battery, air conditioner, fire extinguishing equipment, and switchgear. The new ESS is equipped with LG Electronics' PCS and LG Chemicals’ battery, and the battery capacity is maintained at 75.4% even after 15 years.

Through mobile and personal computers (PCs), customers can monitor the current status of solar power generation and ESS, and remotely control PCS, batteries as well as air conditioning. In addition, customers receive a monthly power generation trend report to check the profitability of solar power generation.

In particular, this product is useful for customers who operate small solar power plants. Generally, solar power generation can be done for only about 3.7 hours a day. The average daily power generation of a 100 kW solar power plant is about 370 kWh.

Installation of ESS in small solar power plants will increase profitability because the government recognizes the weighted value so that they can receive five times more renewable energy certificates (RECs). This certificate is issued according to the amount of eco-friendly electricity generated and is traded like a stock in the certificate spot market.