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Hylium Industries Wins First Place at ‘K-Global@China 2018: Demo Day’
Pitching Competition in China for Korean Startups
Hylium Industries Wins First Place at ‘K-Global@China 2018: Demo Day’
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • December 7, 2018, 17:42
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Hylium Industries, MEDI FUTURES, and Creative Bomb won first, second, and third place, respectively, in K-Global@China 2018’s pitching competition.

Several member companies of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre were recently recognized in China for their marketability.

Hylium Industries has received the highest score among the 17 Korean ICT companies participating in the pitching competition at K-Global@China 2018, which was held in Shenzhen this year. MEDI FUTURES took second place, with third place going to Creative Bomb.

Hylium Industries is the first company in Korea to develop liquid hydrogen-related technology. It produces products related to the storage and shipment of liquid hydrogen.

This year’s pitching competition was part of K-Global@China 2018, a large-scale event that is attended by Korean startups, local Chinese entrepreneurs, VCs, and businessmen. Led by the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Korean delegation was comprised of Born2Global, KOTRA, NIPA, and KIC China.

A total of 17 Korean ICT companies participated in the pitching competition. Those that were supported by Born2Global were MEDI FUTURES, VisualCamp, Innopresso, HAECHI LABS, IT & Basic, I-ON Communications, and Hylium Industries.

These companies introduced and explained their exclusive technologies and marketability to major Chinese VCs, angel investors, and startup incubators.

MEDI FUTURES received a high score for its leading position in the medical industry based on its work in ultrasound/biotechnology. With a big data platform that includes over 5,000 hospitals (plastic surgery clinics, dermatology clinics, etc.), MEDI FUTURES is expected to easily expand its business into China.

Creative Bomb, known as the creative force behind “Pink Dolphin Boto,” also gained significant attention for its AR technology-based smart educational content for children, which is expected to be well-received by Chinese consumers.

Born2Global Chief Executive Director Kim Jongkap said, “The Korean ICT companies, including our member companies, were well-received this year for their outstanding technologies and local business potential. Going forward, we will continue working to secure substantive business MOUs, contracts, and investments for our member companies through matching based on thorough analyses of Chinese investors and business partners as well as consistent communication tracking.”