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Could ChromeOS Become an Alternative to Windows?
Alternative OS to Windows
Could ChromeOS Become an Alternative to Windows?
  • By matthew
  • December 20, 2013, 09:17
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Google's ChromeOS looks quite similar to its browser.
Google's ChromeOS looks quite similar to its browser.


Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Asus, HP, and Dell are rolling out Chrome Operating System (OS)-based PC’s, but the lack of sufficient software support and compatibility issues are major roadblocks to Chrome OS’ commercialization, according to experts. 
According to a PC industry source on December 18, Chrome’s share of the world’s OS market stands at about 0.1 percent, and it has remained there for the last two years.  This is in stark contrast to Microsoft Windows’ OS, which owns 90 percent of the market. 

Google has so far tried to launch Chrome OS by partnering with various companies to no avail. 

Unlike other OSs, Chrome is not bulky and does not require hefty hardware to run software. It runs on old PCs and outdated hardware. Moreover, it is simple and streamlined, since it does not need a large storage device.  

As such, a Chromebook costs 200,000 to 300,000 won (US$188 to US$283), roughly half the price of notebooks equipped with Windows.

The major obstacle to Chrome is its incompatibility, or its limited ability to work with applications, content, and the Internet. Another drawback is the lack of a storage device, meaning it is essentially a terminal PC – minus the functions of stand-alone PCs where an Internet connection is not available.

Experts have predicted that it is unlikely that a Chrome-based PC will make a dent in the Windows-dominated market in Korea, where public offices and banks rely heavily on the use of Microsoft’s Active X for security. Also, Chrome cannot read or write in Hangul, a de facto program for public offices.

According to a source at LG Electronics, a “Chrome Base” PC, an all-in-one 21-inch Monitor/PC using Chrome OS, will be unveiled on the 7th next month at Las Vegas’ CES 2014. It is equipped with intel’s 4th gen. Haswell CPU and its price tag is expected to be 500,000 won (US$471).