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CJ Bibigo's Dumplings Grip Vietnamese Consumers
'Dumpling Fever' in Vietnam
CJ Bibigo's Dumplings Grip Vietnamese Consumers
  • By Choi Moon-hee
  • November 22, 2018, 09:55
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Bibigo dumplings are leading a Korean food culture wave by creating a dumpling fever in the Vietnamese food market.

CJ CheilJedang's Bibigo dumplings have created a dumpling fever among Vietnamese consumers. The Korean food company localized its dumplings by adding local consumers’ favorite ingredients to its products and using a packaging method suitable for the weather conditions in Vietnam.

CJ CheilJedang said on Nov. 21 that Bibigo Dumpling is leading a Korean food culture wave by creating a new dumpling fever in the Vietnamese food market. Bibigo Dumpling, launched at the end of last year, achieved 7 billion won in cumulative sales in one year. Along with spring rolls and dim sums, Bibigo Dumpling pioneered a new segment in the Vietnamese dumpling market, which is valued at 40 billion won this year.

The Vietnamese dumpling market is estimated at 30 billion won last year and has grown about 16% annually. The market is expected to grow 35% this year as CJ Cheiljedang has created a market for Korean-style dumplings with Bibigo Dumpling. With the spread of the Korean Cultural Wave in Vietnam, people’s interest in "K-food" is on the rise and the category of Korean dumplings is expected to gain bigger momentum.

In late 2016, CJ CheilJedang established a K-Food diffusion platform with frozen food production and distribution infrastructure by taking over Vietnamese frozen food company Cau Tre (currently CJ Cau Tre). The company built a dumpling production facility and developed dumplings tailored to local tastes.

CJ CheilJedang also introduced a product packaging optimized for the local climate. The company put dumplings in plastic trays, not pouches, in consideration of Vietnam's transportation means (bicycles and motorcycles) and road infrastructure. This is because dumplings may melt and stick to one another, moved in hot weather for a long time and finally be broken, which can affect their quality of the product when they are cooked.

CJ Cheiljedang plans to conquer the world’s dumpling market with its Bibigo steamed dumplings by 2020. It aimes to earn 1 trillion won ($850.3 million) in dumpling sales with 70 percent of the sales coming from overseas.