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Samsung Electronics, Microsoft Agree to Cooperate in AI, Cloud
Samsung's Lee Meets MS CEO Nadella
Samsung Electronics, Microsoft Agree to Cooperate in AI, Cloud
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • November 7, 2018, 18:15
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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gives a keynote speech at the "Future Now" conference held at Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul on Nov. 7.

Lee Jae-yong, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, met with visiting Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Nov. 7 to discuss ways to strengthen cooperation between the two IT giants.

Lee and Nadella reportedly discussed cooperation in artificial intelligence (AI), which has emerged as the core technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and other future growth industries, including  cloud computing, data center, 5G telecom service, and software.

Accordingly, Samsung Electronics and Microsoft have reportedly agreed to strengthen cooperation in major areas such as AI, cloud and big data, and seek regular technical consultations and exchanges of executives to maximize results.

Industry watchers predict that cooperation between the two companies will focus on cloud services as Nadella, who is credited with leading the transformation of MS into a cloud and AI-oriented company, is currently pushing for a “Mobile First, Cloud First” strategy.

In fact, Microsoft has been rapidly developing its cloud services as it focused its investment on MR, AI, and quantum computing.

As high-capacity semiconductors and solid-state drives (SSDs) are essential to providing optimum cloud services, it is expected that Samsung Electronics' supply of semiconductors for MS cloud servers will increase in the future.

Analysts also expect that major products of Samsung Electronics will be equipped with Microsoft's cloud service.

Lee and Nadella met in Seoul in September 2014 to discuss ways to cooperate, and met in 2016 several times, including their meeting at the Sun Valley Conference in Idaho.

Nadella visited Korea for the first time in four years to give a keynote speech at the “Future Now” conference on AI held at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seoul.