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Kolmar Korea Expands Presence in Chinese Cosmetics Market
Second Factory Completed in China
Kolmar Korea Expands Presence in Chinese Cosmetics Market
  • By Choi Moon-hee
  • October 17, 2018, 11:08
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Kolmar Korea has recently completed its second factory in Wuxi, China.

Kolmar Korea, one of South Korea's leading cosmetics original development manufacturers (ODM), is stepping up its drive to expand its market share in China, the world's second largest cosmetics market.

Kolmar Korea has recently completed a factory in Wuxi, China, its second plant in China following the first one in Beijing. 

The new plant has a production capacity of 500 million sets of cosmetics a year including basic and color products.

Kolmar Wuxi, the second Chinese subsidiary of Kolmar Korea, built the factory on a site of ​​63,177 square meters with a total floor area of ​​74,600 square meters. At the moment, it is the largest cosmetics factory in China.

Kolmar Korea will solidify its position as an ODM in the fast-changing Chinese cosmetics market. Kolmar Wuxi will zero in on the southeastern region of China while Kolmar Beijing will focus on the northern region.

In addition to its research lab in Beijing, Kolmar Korea plans to expand its R&D and sales organizations to quickly respond to the needs of its customers in southeast China including Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Furthermore, Kolmar Korea will concentrate on integrating its manufacturing capabilities according to the characteristics of customers in each base by connecting its manufacturing technology and development capabilities in Korea, China, Canada and the U.S. by utilizing its global network.