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LG Electronics to Develop Self-driving Modules for Robots
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LG Electronics to Develop Self-driving Modules for Robots
  • By Michael Herh
  • October 2, 2018, 08:53
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Visitors take a look at the LG CLOi Cleanbot at the IFA 2018 Exhibition held in Berlin in September.

LG Electronics announced on October 1 that the company has decided to develop self-driving modules for mobile robots in cooperation with Robotis, a Korean service robot solution company. A self-driving module is the core drive module used in mobile robots.

LG Electronics will develop software by applying intelligent navigation technology. The development task will be carried out by the Advanced Robot Research Institute of the CTO Division established in June last year. Robotis will develop hardware such as the motor part of the self-driving module and a motor controller.

Robotis has developed an actuator, a power drive device which is like a joint of a robot, and is supplying it to major robot companies in Korea and abroad. An actuator increases the flexibility of a robot and broadens its activity radius. LG Electronics acquired a 10.12% stake in Robotis in December of last year by participating in a capital increase.

"We will differentiate our robot business by combining artificial intelligence and big data and robots," Cho Sung-jin, vice chairman of LG Electronics, said at a press conference in the IFA 2018 held in Berlin last month. "We have acquired, or collaborated with robotics companies. We will step up our efforts for M&As and collaboration in accordance with their characteristics."

LG Electronics is showing a commitment to becoming a robotics powerhouse by acquiring a 10% stake in AI starter Acrylic and investing US$3 million in U.S. robot firm Bossa Nova Robotics in addition to Robotis.

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