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Samsung, LG to Showcase Total Solutions for Smart Homes at IFA 2018
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Samsung, LG to Showcase Total Solutions for Smart Homes at IFA 2018
  • By Michael Herh
  • August 23, 2018, 10:22
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A file photo of IFA 2017.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, two leaders of the world home electronics industry, will compete with each other in the IFA 2018, Europe's largest consumer electronics exhibition that will kick off on August 31. They are expected to show the competitiveness of their total solutions for smart future homes.

Samsung Electronics recently announced that it would hold a press conference for major media outlets from around the world on August 30 under the slogan of “Do What You Can’t.” The slogan suggests that the Korean consumer electronics giant will seek to realize things consumers think impossible and contribute to realizing our dream-like lifestyles.

Cho Sung-jin, vice chairman of LG Electronics and Park Il-pyung, CTO of the company will deliver speeches under the theme of “Think Wise, Be Free: Living Freer with AI” as keynote speakers at the IFA 2018 on August 31.

The two companies are expected to focus on how to realize smart homes of the future, in particular with TVs and AI-based home appliances.

The two companies will fiercely compete over TVs. Samsung Electronics will unveil a new 8K QLED TV. An 8K TV has a resolution of 7680 × 4320 pixels, which is about 4 times clearer than the 4K resolution of 3840 × 2160, which called UHD. Its horizontal resolution (7680) is close to '8000' so the resolution was named 8K.

Samsung Electronics’ new strategy is to dominate the premium TV market with 8K QLED TVs. It strongly believes that its high-definition 8K technology will be well received by the market as the TV market has entered an era of big screen TVs 70 inches or larger. In particular, considering the fact that there are not enough 8K video content, Samsung Electronics will load 8K QLED TVs with devices that can upgrade full-HD or UHD video to 8K.

LG Electronics has not yet disclosed the concept of its new TV models to be introduced at the IFA 2018. However, according to industry watchers, LG Electronics is highly likely to take the wraps off its 8K technology at this IFA.

In addition, LG Electronics is expected to showcase micro LED technology. The company focuses on micro LED TVs as one of its premium TVs.

If Samsung Electronics is relatively into TVs at this IFA, LG Electronics is introducing a variety of new AI-powered home appliances.

LG Electronics will unveil its Styler ThinQ loaded with AI speech recognition technology at the IFA 2018 for the first time. There is also a separate do-it-yourself space for the X Boom AI ThinQ speaker, which supports Google Assistant.

The company plans to promote its products in the European home appliance market by preparing large-scale AI experience booths showcasing its home appliances, including clothing care machines, air conditioners, and drum washing machines powered by its AI platform Deep ThinQ. Moreover, LG Electronics will officially launch products of Signature Kitchen Suite, its ultra-premium built-in home appliance brand at the IFA 2018.

Samsung Electronics plans to exhibit a wide array of European-style smart home appliances, including family hub refrigerators, IoT-based washing machines and ovens which hold the key to the home IoT. In addition, the mobile division will display the Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy Watch that were unveiled at the unpacking event. It will also operate a space where visitors can experience Samsung’s AI platform Bixby.