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CoinDrop, an Innovative Automatic Cryptocurrency Airdrop Service
A Simple Method for Coin Airdrops
CoinDrop, an Innovative Automatic Cryptocurrency Airdrop Service
  • By Michael Herh
  • August 17, 2018, 17:09
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SEED is running an event as the first partner of CoinDrop.

CoinDrop, a service that helps anyone easily receive “airdrops” of cryptocurrency, was launched on Aug. 16.

An airdrop refers to distribution of coins by cryptocurrency enterprises to coin owners at a specific time at a certain ratio, or to those who participate in specific events.

The existing airdrop services have been criticized for being difficult to participate as they involve complicated procedures such as requiring participants to write a long review or register with multiple channels.

In contrary, CoinDrop, which focuses on increasing the convenience of the participants, distributes coins through a simple procedure. All that participants are required to do is to enter a MyEtherWallet (MEW) address and join the official Telegram chatroom.

The company that is currently running an event as the first partner of CoinDrop is SEED.

SEED is an eco-friendly and renewable energy blockchain company that carries out various innovative projects. The first is the SEED Blockchain Center (SBC) project, the construction of an eco-friendly high-rise complex building with a total project cost of US$700 million.

SBC, which will be located in Jakarta, Indonesia, blends blockchain and “environmentally sound and sustained development” (ESSD) technology. Based on a reliable offline business model, the SBC has the advantage of allowing anyone to participate directly in SEED’s business to generate stable profits as well as contribute to environmental protection.

SEED uses CoinDrop to offer the following rewards: when individuals participate in the Telegram room, 20 SEEDs will be rewarded, and when a referred individual participates in the Telegram room, an additional 10 SEEDs will be rewarded to the participant who referred him or her. SEED airdrops through referral can be up to SEED 60,000 per person, and the event ends when the total of 3 million SEEDs are exhausted.

More detailed information regarding CoinDrop can be found by visiting the official SEED website or CoinDrop site.