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Macrogen, Bigster to Build Blockchain-based Genome Information Platform
Platform for Distribution of Genomic Data
Macrogen, Bigster to Build Blockchain-based Genome Information Platform
  • By Choi Mun-hee
  • August 7, 2018, 10:21
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A diagram of blockchain-based big data distribution platform. 

Macrogen, a Korean precision medical company, announced on July 6 that it would build a blockchain-based genome big data distribution platform in cooperation with Bigster, a big data company.

Macrogen decided to incorporate blockchain technology into the storage and transmission of genomic big data, joining hands with Bigster in order to enhance security of personal genome information management and handle large volumes of data reliably.

Macrogen and Bigster will build a genome information platform using the consortium blockchain technology, which limits participation and is easy to expand and manage. It is characterized by enhanced information distribution by constructing a limited network where only institutes with access can participate such as pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, hospitals, and genome analysis companies.

"Despite the fact that genomic data is widely used, it has not been easy to distribute and utilize it because of the issue of protecting personal information," said Yang Gap-seok, CEO of Macrogen. “We expect to create an ecosystem that can freely distribute genomic big data by building a distribution platform based on blockchain."