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SPC Group Converts 830 Employees of Subcontracting Firms to Regular Workers
Exemplary Company in Job Creation
SPC Group Converts 830 Employees of Subcontracting Firms to Regular Workers
  • By Jung Suk-yee
  • August 6, 2018, 14:57
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SPC GFS, a logistics affiliate of SPC Group, was selected as the “2018 Korea’s Best Company for Job Creation.”

SPC Group said on August 2 that it has hired 830 employees of subcontracting firms as its full-time workers.

The newly hired employees are those who work in the production line of Paris Baguette’s Pyeongtaek plant and those who work in the same plant’s shipping, logistics and materials fields.

Through this transition, the salaries and welfare of the employees will be raised to the level of regular workers at the group’s affiliates. In particular, better welfare will be provided such as long-term retirement awards, new vacation expenses, and better allowances for family events, and the work experience and retirement pension in the previous company will be recognized.

SPC Group has continued its efforts to create quality jobs in line with the government’s employment policies. Since July 2017, it has recruited a total of 2,000 logistics, labor and sales workers of subcontracting firms as its regular employees. In December of the same year, it established a subsidiary (PB Partners) to directly hire 5,300 bakers working at Paris Baguette franchise stores across the country, and entered into a full-fledged operation in January 2018 by signing a labor-management cooperation agreement.

In addition, it created an additional 700 jobs by establishing SPC Samlip Fresh Food Factory and operating a new concession business at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2.

SPC Group has recruited more than 9,000 new employees from 2017 to the present, through direct hiring or converting employees at subcontracting companies into SPC Group regular workers. At the end of June, SPC GFS, a logistics affiliate, was selected as the “2018 Korea’s Best Company for Job Creation” by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

SPC Group official said, "We will actively participate in the government's job creation efforts and steadily expand direct employment and hire new employees. We will try hard to raise both the quantity and quality of employment by improving related systems and working conditions.”