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Lotte World Adventure to Develop Theme Park-Type VR
Cinematic VR Attraction
Lotte World Adventure to Develop Theme Park-Type VR
  • By Michael Herh
  • July 11, 2018, 14:51
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​Across-Dark of Lotte World​
​Across-Dark of Lotte World​

Lotte World Adventure announced on July 10, two days before its 29th anniversary, its ambition to lead the virtual reality (VR) industry by developing and introducing a theme park-type VR attraction.

The theme park-type VR attraction is a concept that combines pre-show that raises interest in VR content and post-show that maximizes satisfaction after watching VR content.

The theme park-type VR attraction that is first introduced at Lotte World Adventure is “Across Dark,” a cinematic VR format that expresses virtual reality with cinematic techniques.

In the story, the main character Mia starts an adventure to look for her dad who was lost in space. It will be launched in the first half of next year.

A distribution contract was already signed with CJ 4DPLEX, and the VR attraction was displayed at the “2018 IAAPA Hong Kong,” a world-famous theme park exposition.

An extra-large survival VR for 16 people, which will be jointly developed by Lotte World and 3D Factory, is also made as a theme park-type VR attraction with a pre-show and post-show.

Park Dong-gi, CEO of Lotte World, said, "To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Lotte World in 2019, we plan to showcase the theme park-style cinematic VR attraction, theme park-type survival VR attraction for 16 people, and other contents that utilize diverse media technologies. We will offer various kinds of programs to our customers as an advanced theme park that actively introduces technology."