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Doosan Chairman Vows to Nurture Robot Business
During Trip to Germany
Doosan Chairman Vows to Nurture Robot Business
  • By Michael Herh
  • June 25, 2018, 11:54
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Doosan Group chairman Park Jung-won (left) tests a Doosan cooperative robot on display at the Automatica 2018 in Munich, Germany on June 22 (local time).

Park Jung-won, chairman of the Doosan Group, expressed his will to foster the robot business during his trip to Germany, a powerhouse in robotics.

According to the Doosan Group on June 24, chairman Park attended the Automatica 2018 held in Munich, Germany on June 19-22 (local time). The Automatica, Europe's largest robot exhibition, showcases world-class technologies and products in robotics and automation, including industrial and service robots, automation solutions and process innovations. A total of 902 companies from 30 countries including Doosan Robotics participated in the exhibition.

Particularly, Doosan Robotics participated in this exhibition for the first time and demonstrated its cooperative robots in seven sections, including automotive composite solutions, actual process applications and a visitor experience corner.

Chairman Park observe the latest trends in manufacturing automation with executives, including Lee Hyun-soon, vice chairman and chief technology officer of the Doosan Group, Dong Hyun-soo, vice chairman of Doosan Corp., and Lee Byung-seo, president of Doosan Robotics. He visited the booths of the world's leading robot companies to take a look at their technology and design. He also met with executives and dealers of foreign companies to share opinions on market situations.

Meanwhile, Doosan Robotics, which entered the collaborative robot market September last year, is rolling out four models with a maximum working length of 1.7 meters and a maximum payload of 15 kilograms. According to a US research institute, the world market of industrial robots is expected to grow at an annual average of 8% from 14.64 trillion won (US$ 13.1 billion) last year to 22.93 trillion won (US$20.6 billion) in 2022. In particular, collaborative robots are expected to grow about 68% annually. In 2022, its global market size is expected to hit 6.56 trillion won (US$5.9 billion).

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