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Samsung SDS Launches Online Logistics Platform
Advance into E-commerce Market
Samsung SDS Launches Online Logistics Platform
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • June 21, 2018, 09:47
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Kim Jin-Ha, executive director of Samsung SDS Smart Logistics Business, explains about Cello Square 3.0, the online logistics platform.

Samsung SDS has announced on June 20 that it would launch Cello Square 3.0, an online logistics platform, to advance into the global e-commerce market.

Cello Square 3.0 has artificial intelligence (AI)-based functions to show sellers the best delivery methods and shipping companies. Sellers can save shipping time and cost using this information.

It can also prove the origin of international cargo using a blockchain technology that prevents forgery. Buyers put their smart phone on the near field communication (NFC) tag attached to the imported items and get information on the exporting country, the name of the exporter and the importer.

The company also provides mobile tracking service to enable customers to see the status of their products on the smartphone in real time.

Kim Hyung-tae, the head of the logistics division, said, "We will provide the best service to global e-commerce sellers through Cello Square 3.0, which combines Samsung SDS' global logistics operation experience with cutting-edge IT technology."

Samsung SDS signed a business agreement with IBK Industrial Bank to link logistics information of Cello Square 3.0 with an export payment system.


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