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What Does South Korea Do Best in the World?
CNN’s List
What Does South Korea Do Best in the World?
  • By matthew
  • December 9, 2013, 09:35
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CNN’s article on November 28 (local time) posted on its website has grabbed people’s attention. The Cable News Network cited Internet penetration, the use of credit cards, a culture of overwork, and others as “10 things South Korea does better than anywhere else.” 

The first mentioned wired culture refers to Korea’s highest Internet penetration rate (82.7%) and smartphone penetration rate (78.5%). The article said that if you want to see what the future looks like, book a ticket to Korea. It added, “...South Koreans also use their smartphones to pay at shops, watch TV (not Youtube but real-time channels) on the subway and scan QR codes at the world's first virtual supermarket.” 

The next one was the nation’s ubiquitous use of credit cards. CNN pointed out, “South Koreans became the world’s top users of credit cards two years ago, according to data from the Bank of Korea,” adding, “... and all cabs have credit card machines.” Thus, the international broadcaster picked Seoul as one of the top shopping cities in the world.

Overworking and the working/drinking culture were also on the top 10 list. “South Koreans are so used to studying,” CNN wrote, “they can’t get out of the habit once they reach the work force,” adding, “You can see it in any Korean city, where lights in buildings blaze into the late hours as workers slave away.”

It went on to say, “When they’re not working, Koreans are celebrating their latest deals or drowning their sorrows in soju. While many leading companies are trying to curb the working/drinking culture, there are still plenty of bosses who drag their teams out for way too many rounds of soju/beer/whiskey ‘bombs.’”

Koreans’ innovative cosmetics were also named. The article stressed, “South Koreans can’t stop experimenting with ingredients or methods of application. Snail creams (moisturizers made from snail guts) are so 2011.”

On top of that, world-class female golfers, flight attendants’ excellent service, and the widespread culture of blind dating were mentioned. 

In addition, CNN commented on Starcraft by saying, “One country’s hopeless nerds are among another’s highest earning celebrities.”

Finally, Korea is reported to be “a plastic surgery mecca.” In particular, Russians, Chinese, Mongolians, and Japanese are said to flock to the country on plastic surgery “medical tours.”