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Seoul Dragon City InStyle holds World BBQ Feast
A Special 'Gastronomic Journey'
Seoul Dragon City InStyle holds World BBQ Feast
  • By Choi Mun-hee
  • June 15, 2018, 16:26
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A BBQ dish to be provided by InStyle during its World BBQ Feast

Asian live buffet restaurant InStyle at Seoul Dragon City, Korea’s first-ever lifestyle hotel-plex, holds World BBQ Feast, which offers a feast of flavors from all around the world, until August 31.

Timed with the forthcoming summer season and under the "gastronomic journey" concept, the latest promotion has been designed to enhance the urban holiday satisfaction for those who are planning a hotel vacation, by providing experiences of diverse culinary cultures from all over the world.

During the promotional event, Seoul Dragon City will satisfy visitors’ tastes with diverse BBQ cuisines from across the globe, grouped into each of four themes: Mediterranean, Asian, American and Korean. The themed groups will last three weeks each.

In the group with Mediterranean theme, which will run until 21st, visitors will be able to find culinary arts indigenous to southern European style, boasting rich flavors, which include Italy’s traditional pork BBQ dish Porgetta, Greece’s traditional Souvlaki on wooden skewers and chicken Kebab wraps.

From the 22nd of this month to the 12th of next month, a diversity of cuisines will be presented, reflecting Asian culinary cultures from China, Japan, Vietnam and other Asian countries, including India’s Tandoori chicken, Mongolia’s lambBBQ, grilled seafood skewers and grilled pig skin. From the 13th of July to the 2nd of August, American-style BBQ will be featured to offer various BBQ tastes that are relished across the U.S., which include grilled lambchops flavored with herbs, herb-marinated rib eyes, and spicy pork ribs.

The Korean-themed group, which will run from August 3rd, will present thin pork belly with egg-plant, beer can chicken, Spicy Stir-fried Chicken and roasted small octopus stick, which are made with domestically-sourced ingredients, for the enjoyment of visitors’ tastes.

Seoul Dragon City offers a mug of Stella Artois draft beer or a glass of fresh fruit ade free of charge for those who visit InStyle during the promotion event period. Dinner at the World BBQ Feast is priced at 59,000 won per person on weekdays (Sunday to Thursday), and lunch at 59,000 won and dinner at 67,000 won on weekends (Friday to Saturday).

A view of InStyle at Seoul Dragon City

Located on the 7th floor of Seoul Dragon City Ibis Styles Ambassador, Yongsan, Seoul, InStyle is a stylish all-day buffet restaurant with modern sensibility. You can enjoy about 40 kinds of refined Asian cuisines, Korean delicacies and desserts featuring various Korean gourmet flavors. There is also a live station, where you can enjoy cuisine, cooked on the spot and served by the chef.There is even a kid’s room for children.