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A Smarter Apartment that Recognizes Its Owner
Samsung C&T Opens IoT HomeLab
A Smarter Apartment that Recognizes Its Owner
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • May 28, 2018, 17:56
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The living room and smart mirror of Raemian IoT HomeLab
The living room and smart mirror of Raemian IoT HomeLab

A Raemian apartment in Seoul. When the mother enters the front door, the air shower system starts and shakes off fine dust.

When she enters the living room all refreshed and clean and waves her right hand, the curtain is opened. When she says, “Please clean the house,” the robot vacuum cleaner at the corner of the living room starts moving and cleaning the house.

When she gets into the kitchen, lighting is automatically adjusted. When she starts cooking, the stove hood measures the concentration of fine dust in the kitchen and starts running.

When her teenage daughter enters her room, which didn’t respond when the mom came in, the lights turn on and the kid’s favorite music is played.

When the dad comes home late at night and lies in his bed, the lights automatically turn off and the heating/cooling system starts working for the temperature of his choice.

This state-of-the-art residential space, which could only be seen in science fiction movies, will be commercially available within this year at the earliest.

Samsung C&T set up Raemian IoT HomeLab, a space which combines IoT technology with residential space, in Raemian Gallery in Munjeong-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

Raemian IoT HomeLab model house incorporates the actual IoT technology in seven residential spaces including entrance, kitchen, living room, bed room, exercise room, study room, and movie room.

A total of IoT products were applied to suit the different characteristics of each space and the taste of each family member.

IoT HomeLab connects electronic products such as air conditioners, automatic massagers and speakers with wireless internet-based cloud system and analyzes the residents’ data.

Based on this, it provides lighting, temperature, and air quality control as well as customized information to suit the living patters of the different users such as housewives, students, and elderly people.

Raemian Smart Home goes beyond controlling individual IoT products through voice commands and motions. It was designed to control them organically according to the taste and living patters of the users and to create the optimal living environment.

The HomeLab model house was created by 13 IoT companies.

The logos of participating companies of Raemian IoT HomeLab
The logos of participating companies of Raemian IoT HomeLab

Along with Samsung Electronics, which combines IoT technology with electronics products, and Harman, an stereo producer that Samsung acquired last year, SK, Kornic, Shinsung ENG, Somfy and Haats participated. Samsung C&T plans to involve more companies in the future.

Kim Myung-seok, executive director of Samsung C&T's product design group, said, "While the existing smart home was focused on devices, customer-centered technologies are being developed for IoT HomeLab." Another technology that gets the status and other information about users and connects them with services such as health, medicine, shopping, and education will be available soon.”