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Georgia Celebrates KOPLA’s Addition as “Newest Corporate Citizen”
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Georgia Celebrates KOPLA’s Addition as “Newest Corporate Citizen”
  • By matthew
  • November 21, 2013, 08:03
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Nathan Deal, above, is the 82nd governor of Georgia and has served since 2011.
Nathan Deal, above, is the 82nd governor of Georgia and has served since 2011.


On November 19 Georgia Governor Nathan Deal announced  that KOPLA, a Korea-based manufacturer of engineering plastic resin, is set to open a US-based plant in West Point, citing the creation of 150 jobs and the investment of US$15 million as the most attractive features of the move.

The governor said, “We are proud that Korea’s presence in our state continues to grow.” He went on to say that the key business resources of the automobile industry in the state will create an environment for KOPLA to continue to succeed in its chosen market.

KOPLA also received welcome messages from West Point Mayor Drew Ferguson, who said, “KOPLA’s new facility will certainly have a positive impact here and we wish them much success.” 

Harris County Commission Chairman Harry Lange welcomed KOPLA to the area by saying, “We extend a gracious welcome to KOPLA and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with our newest corporate citizen.” Harris County is the local area in which the plant will be built.

KOPLA received a lot of local help in setting up this investment plan. The Valley Partnership, the City of West Point Development Authority and the Harris County Development Authority collectively assisted with the project. 

KOPLA CEO and President Ssangyong Han also remarked on the occasion, “It is a perfect location, and the state and community support has been exemplary. We look forward to becoming a part of this thriving industrial community in Georgia.”

The evolution of this story has also seen some international media cooperation, as the Twitter account Metro COLA (@MetroCOLA) first asked BusinessKorea (BK) magazine about the developments after our October 22 article titled “KOSDAQ Firms Seeing Improved Overseas Investment Results”. The news agency asked BK for more information via Twitter, and BK was able to provide them with Korean language sources. Yesterday local time, when the move  was made public, Metro COLA also let BK know about it. 

BK salutes Metro COLA for the tip and hopes that future media cooperation can continue to bring the latest news about US-Korea partnerships in Georgia to its readers.