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‘Donginbi,' a Red Ginseng-Based Cosmetic Product from KGC
Keeping your skin healthy and looking young
‘Donginbi,' a Red Ginseng-Based Cosmetic Product from KGC
  • By Michael Herh
  • April 25, 2018, 15:39
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Han Ka-in, a model for Donginbi.
Han Ka-in, a model for Donginbi.


Donginbi is a premium red ginseng-based cosmetic brand that helps to keep your skin healthy and looking young.
Donginbi is a premium red ginseng-based cosmetic brand that helps to keep your skin healthy and looking young.

Korea Ginseng Corporation is expanding its portfolio of red ginseng-based businesses. One example is the launch of premium cosmetic brand “Donginbi.” Donginbi is Korea's only premium red ginseng cosmetic product that helps to keep your skin healthy and looking young. The product is based on KGC’s 19-year-long history and technology of producing CheongKwanJang, a red ginseng super food.

According to red ginseng experts, in the old days, Koreans took care of health and skin health with ginseng and red ginseng. Royal families used red ginseng extract for skin care and red ginseng extract for bath.

Old literature says, "When you wash your face with ginseng-boiled water, the skin of your face will become better and healthier.” Accordingly, many people used ginseng in this way. It is also said that Hwang Jin-yi, one of the most famous gisaeng of the Joseon Dynasty, used ginseng-boiled water to take care of her skin.

Red ginseng-based cosmetic product 'Donginbi' dates back to 100 years ago. In the early 1900s, when Koreans developed red ginseng extract which is now the representative product of CheongKwanJang, they also developed red ginseng extract for internal use and red ginseng extract for external use. The former was an edible product, while the latter was used for traumatotherapy.

"Afterwards, they also made red ginseng extract for bath to keep their skin healthy," a KGC official said. “Our ancerstors’ wisdom and research on red ginseng gave birth to current red ginseng cosmetic product Donginbi.”

Donginbi was newly introduced last year. It is differentiated from other herb medicinal cosmetics. KGC has further enhanced the skin beauty function of red ginseng cream by applying all three core raw materials -- red ginseng oil, red ginseng extract, and red ginseng condensate -- to all products.

Red ginseng oil, which is the key raw material for Donginbi, is a precious ingredient as people can obtain only one drop of oil from one single red ginseng root. The oil helps to remove and moisturize skin.

Red ginseng juice is a concentrate of red ginseng that is rich in nutrients. The juice promotes collagen synthesis and helps to make skin elastic and nice. Unlike conventional cosmetics, which use purified water, Donginbi is based on red ginseng-condensed water, which is more effective in moisturizing skin and giving vitality to it.

In particular, newly launched red ginseng oil Donginbi 1899 is a signature line of the brand that showcases the power of red ginseng cosmetics. KGC put actual red ginseng roots in the product to let consumers feel how it differs from other products.

KGC is making a full-fledged entry into department store channels with the aim of making Donginbi a premium cosmetic product. In September last year, KGC opened stores in nine department stores nationwide, including Lotte Department Store’s branches in Jungdong of Bucheon City and Jamsil in Seoul. In January, the company began to distribute Donginbi to 17 duty-free shops nationwide, including the one in Incheon International Airport’s Terminal 2, in order to attract foreign customers, including those from China.

KGC recently launched “Donginbi Hyeon” for male customers as part of its expansion strategy. This product is a balance skin care line consisting of four items, including essence and cleansing foam. Consumers can feel its effect as red ginseng condensation energy fills men's dry skin from its bottom.

"Donginbi is Korea's only red ginseng cosmetic product, which is based on KGC’s know-how and craftsmanship," said Ahn Bin, head of KGC’s Ginseng Cosmetics Business Unit. “We will focus on the global premium cosmetics market and grow Donginbi into a new growth engine for KGC."