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LG’s G Flex Bends, Does Not Break
LG’s Flexible Phone
LG’s G Flex Bends, Does Not Break
  • By matthew
  • November 6, 2013, 08:55
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The LG G Flex has the ability to bend out of shape and return.
The LG G Flex has the ability to bend out of shape and return.


LG Electronics released the LG G Flex, its first smart phone with a curved, flexible body, on November 5. The new product is said to be extremely durable, since its shape changes to absorb external impacts. 

The new model’s screen and battery are made of flexible materials and restore their original shape immediately after such impacts or pressing. During the launch event, the company explained that during testing it had pressed 40kg of weight on the handset over 100 times, but the product exhibited no change in curvature. 

At the show, a YouTube video was played back on the phone, and the video footage filled the six inch curved screen tightly for better immersion.

Still, the resolution is 1280×720, somewhat short of full-HD adopted by most five inch or larger smart phones. The latest smartphones have a screen density of 300ppi to 450ppi, but the G Flex’s screen density is 245ppi, which means the user may feel some discomfort when playing back super-high-resolution videos. 

At the show, LG Electronics illustrated the Self Healing anti-scratch battery case as well. A brush-shaped copper wire was used to leave a light scratch on the case and the scratch almost disappeared instantly. Please follow this link to see a video of the phone being flexed.