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Korean Game 'Battlegrounds' Gains in Immense Popularity from Abroad
Getting Much Attention from Hollywood
Korean Game 'Battlegrounds' Gains in Immense Popularity from Abroad
  • By Choi Mun-hee
  • March 16, 2018, 04:15
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‘PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds, a survival shooting game developed by BUBG Corporation (photo courtesy : Bluehole)
‘PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds, a survival shooting game developed by BUBG Corporation (photo courtesy : Bluehole)


The Korean player game ‘PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds,’ which is enjoying strong popularity at home and abroad, is receiving a lot of attention from the US video contents market.

According to industry sources on March 15, PUBG Corporation, which created ‘PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds,’ recently received an offer from Netflix, the world's largest online video streaming company, to co-produce video contents using the game. Not only Netflix but also other American film producers proposed making a ‘PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds’ film to PUBG Corporation.

"Netflix has sent a proposal to create video contents using ‘PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds’," said Kwon Jung-hyun, chief marketing officer (CMO) of PUBG Corporation. "Netflix officials and our representatives have contacted each other several times for a discussion."

"There is a proposal from various contents companies to use the intellectual property (IP) of the game and it is in an initial review stage," Kwon added. "Our goal aims at extending ‘PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds’ to various content areas such as e-sports and movies so we will have enough time to check which company will conduct in-depth research on the game world and can collaborate with us."

‘PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds,’ receives much attention from the American video content market because the game is enjoying steady and strong popularity in North America and Europe, and many experts say that it is highly likely that if ‘PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds’ is made into a movie, it will be popular.

‘PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds’ created by PUBG, a subsidiary of Bluehole, is a shooting game released in March as a paid test version on the US game platform 'Steam.' As of March 13, cumulative sales of its PC online and console versions hit more than 38 million copies which translated into about 1.2 trillion won (US$1.08 billion). Last December, ‘PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds’ exceeded 3 million concurrent users for the first time in the history of Steam. In South Korea, ‘PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds’ has ranked No. 1 in PC room market share for 17 consecutive weeks since last November when its OBT started. In this game, 100 people fall on an isolated island and use various weapons and vehicles to battle for survival until the last gamer survives.