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LG CNS Launches AI Big Data Platform 'DAP'
AI Big Data Business
LG CNS Launches AI Big Data Platform 'DAP'
  • By Michael Herh
  • August 30, 2017, 04:00
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The logo of LG CNS’s DAP.
The logo of LG CNS’s DAP.


LG CNS announced on August 29 that the company will launch multi-cloud based AI big data platform “DAP (Data Analytics & AI Platform)” and expand the AI big data business.

LG CNS DAP is a platform that enables a series of big data processing and analysis from data collection to analysis and visualization, and provides a new service development environment based on artificial intelligence.

DAP’s biggest advantage is to set a data analysis or new AI service development environment, which took several months, within one hour by clicking without a complicated process after logging in on a user screen, and shorten three to four months for existing analysis to one to two weeks. DAP also has a variety of analysis types by industry or product.

In particular, when a user wants to forecast demand for a particular product and if the user selects visualization tools such as analytical tools and graphs, and upload data such as past sales performance or order information, DAP can quickly analyze the data to predict the demand.

To top it off, DAP provides 30 intelligent services in areas such as manufacturing innovation, digital marketing, etc. based on LG CNS's big data business expertise in manufacturing, communication, and finance accumulated over the last 30 years.

For example, DAP provides a process quality analysis service that dramatically elevates the accuracy of judgments on defects to 99.98% through deep learning using image recognition in the smart factory area of ​​manufacturing innovation.

LG CNS is planning to expand its DAP platform and upgrade its AI service step by step by linking its own cloud service with Amazon's cloud service by the end of this year.