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Naver to Reveal AI-based Voice, Image Search Functions
Changing Service Types
Naver to Reveal AI-based Voice, Image Search Functions
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • August 24, 2017, 03:15
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The Naver Design Colloquium 2017.
The Naver Design Colloquium 2017.


Naver will promote the artificial intelligence (AI) technology-based voice and image search functions as its main mobile services.

During the Naver Design Colloquium 2017 held at Grand InterContinental Hotel in Samseong-dong, Gangnam, on August 23, Kim Seung-eon, director of the service design division at Naver, said, “The direction of Naver’s overall services for the future can be summed up in three words – smart, open and with.”

Starting with displaying camera and microphone icons in the mobile search engine at the end of this month, Naver plans to introduce various “smart search” functions by the end of this year.

First of all, the company will extensively apply the AI technology to its voice search function, taking advantage of the interactive environment. It will introduce “Naver I,” an AI conversation platform which is now under the beta-testing, in its mobile services, allowing users to issue orders and make conversation after calling Naver.

Naver will also upgrade its image search function, enabling users to easily search images with a camera by integrating numerous existing functions, such as translation, character recognition and QR and bar codes, into “smart lens.” The smart lens will play a role as an “eye” of the AI technology which automatically recognizes places and situations in real time without taking a photo.

The AI technology, which predicts and recommends news and web documents what users might like to read, is expected to become a core technology for service improvement in the future.