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Samsung Electronics to Load All of Home Appliances with Smart Functions
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Samsung Electronics to Load All of Home Appliances with Smart Functions
  • By Michael Herh
  • August 23, 2017, 01:15
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A virtual image of Samsung's smart home service.
A virtual image of Samsung's smart home service.


Samsung Electronics announced on August 22 that it will showcase smart home services using artificial intelligence, voice recognition, cloud, and internet of things (IoT) technology at the IFA 2017, the largest European home electronics exhibition to be held on August 22 in Berlin.

Samsung Electronics said that, in particular, the company will apply smart functions to all home appliances by 2020. The company already applied a natural-language speech recognition artificial intelligence function to Family Hub Refrigerator and will connect various products in homes so that they can be controlled by voices alone, the company explained.

Samsung Electronics is applying 'Samsung Connect' to control all products based on cloud service regardless of device types and operating systems by means of a single mobile app. Currently, Samsung Connect can control Samsung’s consumer electronics products and about 130 products of other companies and plans to ramp up the number of linked products in the future, the company added.

In addition, the Artificial Intelligence Remote Diagnosis Service will be improved after being linked with Samsung Connect App. Currently, the service center receives various information and analytical results collected from smart appliances through a remote diagnosis process. But beginning next year, Samsung will identify and solve the problems of each product directly on smartphones.

Samsung Electronics is conducting activities to standardize smart home and IoT platforms at the OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation), the world's largest IoT standardization organization. Up to now, OCF certificates have been given to Samsung’s smart TVs, family hub refrigerators and air conditioners. All other appliances such as washing machines, ovens, robot cleaners and air cleaners, will be certified by the OCF within this year, the company said.

Samsung will also work with other consumer electronics companies that offer other companies' artificial intelligence services such as Amazon's AI service Alexa and Google's Google Home.