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Korean Internet Giants Offer AI-based Customized Services Competitively
Recommendation beyond Searching
Korean Internet Giants Offer AI-based Customized Services Competitively
  • By Yoon Yung Sil
  • August 10, 2017, 03:00
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The use of the Internet to search necessary information is rapidly converting into AI recommendation services.
The use of the Internet to search necessary information is rapidly converting into AI recommendation services.


As South Korean Internet giants have started offering artificial intelligence (AI)-based customized services, the traditional culture that uses the Internet to search necessary information easily is rapidly converting into AI recommendation services.

With the era of recommendation having dawned, the technology that processes data owned by Internet companies is emerging as a new promising business. This is because it is important to secure user data, analyze data according to individual life pattern and interest and process and convey data quickly in order to provide personalized services.

Therefore, major Internet firms such as Naver and Kakao are expanding AI-based services as well as are seeking to analyze data and hire more data science experts. The ability to select, process and analyze secured data to suit the needs of individual users will determine the competitiveness of services so managing data and recruiting analysts have become the core of the business.

According to industry sources on August 9, major Internet companies like Naver and Kakao are introducing AI-based recommendation services one after another. Naver’s Disco is a new content curating app that selects content tailored to individual tastes.

Disco users can set their topics of interest based on which the app will recommend certain types of content on the web. By clicking “like” or “dislike” on the content that appears, users allow the app’s engine to study their personal preferences. Based on this information, the app’s engine will recommend tailored content to users with added accuracy and matching ability as time progresses.

In addition, Naver is now integrating the new AI-based recommendation service with its existing services. The company’s AiRS service provides its mobile users with news articles tailored to their interest. It selects news that users may feel interest in.

Kakao has also launched services integrated with AI technologies. The company’s personalized news recommendation algorithm is called “RUBICS,” while its content recommendation algorithm is called “TOROS.” RUBICS recommends news tailored to individual tastes after analyzing users’ news consumption patterns. Kakao shows customized news on the main page of the web portal Daum by applying the RUBICS system.

TOROS recommends contents tailored to users’ tastes. The system has been applied to Kakao Page, Daum Webtoon and Kakao TV. TOROS figures out contents what users used, analyzes what contents other users used the contents and recommends new contents to users.

Netflix is a foreign company that makes the best use of the recommendation algorithm. The video-streaming service provider studies users’ tastes by analyzing contents they used and recommends videos tailored to their tastes. It doesn’t simply analyze what video contents users watched but analyze details including how long they watched, when they watched and how they gave a rating. 

An expert from the industry said, “Both securing data which are dubbed “crude oil” in the fourth industrial revolution and how to process and analyze data will determine success or failure of companies. Recently, major IT firms are making a huge investment to recruit big data experts and AI technology experts in order to advance the technologies. This is to secure the ability to analyze data.”