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LG Household & Health care to Launch 'Hu Bicheop Circulation Essence Special Edition'
Launching in 13 Countries
LG Household & Health care to Launch 'Hu Bicheop Circulation Essence Special Edition'
  • By Choi Mun-hee
  • June 8, 2017, 03:15
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“Hu Bicheop Circulation Essence.”
“Hu Bicheop Circulation Essence.”


LG Household & Health care will launch “Hu Bicheop Circulation Essence Special Edition” with Chochungdo, a representative work of artist Shin Saimdang during the Chosun Dynasty, promoting Korea's beauty in 13 countries.

This special edition reproduces the famous painting, which features delicate lines and fine coloring on the Royal Court's white porcelain

Like the Royal Court’s embroidery with a silk thread, the company expressed cockscombs, a flower of summer, and flying butterflies' wings on a container whose motif is white porcelain, giving the containers beautiful grace like an art work.

One of the best sellers of “Hu,” the Bicheop Circulation Essence contains secret royal court elements such as 55.5% silk culture fluids and anti-heartburn elements. This product helps skin circulation according to the skin growth cycle of 28 days. It is the first-step essence to use after washing faces. It cleanses your face after morning face washing, and adds strong vitality to your weary skin all day long.

LG Household & Health care has been informing of the beautiful royal court culture of Korea by launching the Bicheop Circulation Essence Special Edition based on artistic white porcelain from the court, with new techniques and patterns every year since 2014,.

Until last year, the company had introduced special editions containing National Treasure No. 294 White porcelain Chochungmun Bottle, National Treasure No. 807 White Porcelain Marquetry Moranmun Bottle and Cheonghwa White Porcelain Yeonhwamun Bottle.

In particular, LG Household & Health care will launch the Bicheop Circulation Essence in 13 countries including China, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam as well as Korea in June this year since the product is gaining in immense popularity and people have a big interest in the product abroad.