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LS Cable Develops Mobile Wire System for Electric Trains
Enhancing Railway Logistics
LS Cable Develops Mobile Wire System for Electric Trains
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • May 12, 2017, 02:45
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LS Cable’s mobile electric wire system.
LS Cable’s mobile electric wire system.


LS Cable announced on May 11 that the company will be able to elevate the efficiency of railway logistics a great deal by developing the world's first mobile wire system for electric freight trains.

A mobile wire system was applied to a general electric train base, but it was the first time in the world to apply it to electric freight trains. LS Cable successfully completed its test operation with KORAIL at Okcheon Station in North Chungcheong Province.

An electric wire is mainly installed over a track to supply electric power to electric trains. Current fixed wires impede cargo (container) unloading. LS Cable moved electric wires to the outside of a track, allowing cargos to be freely loaded and unloaded.

The mobile wire is expected to dramatically improve freight transport systems and enhance the competitiveness of railway logistics. In terms of maintenance, electric trains cost less than diesel-powered ones. The former have traction power more than three times higher than that of the latter. These features help significantly increase cargo volume. Until now, electric wires have hindered the use of electric trains for cargo transportation.

"The aluminum alloy material of the new electric wire has been developed to operate reliably even in outdoor temperature, rain, wind among others." said Kim Dong-wook, chief technology officer (CTO) of LS Cable, adding, “We will make an active foray into overseas markets such as Europe and Asia where electric railways are popular."