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Start-up CVT Promotes Face Recognition Door Lock at Home and Abroad
IoT-Based Face Recognition
Start-up CVT Promotes Face Recognition Door Lock at Home and Abroad
  • By Michael Herh
  • May 2, 2017, 06:45
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Lee Woo-gyun, CEO of CVT.
Lee Woo-gyun, CEO of CVT.


CVT regards an loT (LTE)-based face recognition access control device and a wide range next-generation face recognition access control terminal as its own-developed representative products.

Lee Woo-gyun, CEO of CVT is a veteran with 22 years of experience in the R&D sector of the industry. Lee was in charge of developing security systems at Samsung S1 and developing DVRs, image processing CPUs and NVRs at many security companies for seven years.

A face recognition home door lock is opened only by face recognition instead of passwords or card keys.

CVT has expertise in both security software and hardware. The company has advanced image processing CPUs and produced good results in the development of image processing algorithms (object tracking, video enhancement, de-warping, rendering). CVT is also able to develop IP cameras including camera design technology. In particular, CVT’s camera technology is certified by Onvif, an international communication protocol between IP-based heterogeneous devices.

Currently, CVT is a company of the KT Econovation Center and an incubated by the Economy Creation Innovation Center. I wonder what part you want to collaborate with if you cooperate with KT.

"If we are given an opportunity to discuss business with KT in detail, we would like to actively develop video security systems based on communication networks and IOTs and achieve good results. I will try to make Korean companies take the lead in the global IoT security market as well as in the Korea market," said Mr. Lee Woo-kyun, CVT (CVT) when asked about collaboration with KT.